Founder Pam Schaecher has a passion for fine fabrics. She launched Amaya® after 35 years of living, working, traveling and raising a family abroad. It was during her travels throughout Europe and beyond that she developed an appreciation for exquisite textiles and the cultural impact materials have on the fashion industry.

Inspired by the vibrant and intricate designs of saris and shawls she experienced while attending traditional Indian weddings, Pam created Amaya® to present this extraordinary artistry in fashion to North America and Europe.  Her enthusiasm and expertise for superior fabrics and palette combinations stem from her prior careers in interior design and image consulting.

A person who purchases an Amaya product is not only selecting a hand embroidered piece, but also buying a work of art that can only be made in select villages in India.  As a company, our goal  is to provide very unique clothing made in only very limited numbers, which means each item will always retain its individuality.

When one purchases an Amaya, he or she is also supporting men and women (mostly) who need employment and who have painstakingly learned a craft that is centuries old.

One very special story is the history that led us to producing the Kendra tunic.

Several years ago in order to create a natural habitat Tiger Reserve, many Indian farming families were resettled just outside the reserve.  These men and women and their children lost their access to wood, water and traditional farming.  This led to serious economic and social problems, loss of income, and in some cases suicides.

In order to help these people, a Foundation was initiated.  The objective was to teach women the crafts of sewing, motif development, embroidering and weaving.  They also developed a process of selling these very special items to help support their families.  They are now able to bring their small children to work with them, thus making it possible of them to earn a living, survive and raise their families.

Amaya has found a village where a number of these women live and work and who have developed these special talents.  We at Amaya not only want to help these wonderful women and their families but also provide beautiful and unique clothing for women around the world.  Our first such creation is the Kendra. (see Kendra in the cotton section of the Collection).

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